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Segunda-Feira, 5 de Julho de 2010 - 13:27:56 WEST

Phase-3E News

Achim Vollhardt, DH2VA, reported in detail at the Annual General Meeting 2010 from AMSAT-DL about the joint feasibility study by AMSAT-DL and DLR for lunar and Mars missions.  Based on this study is the already flown AMSAT P3D satellite structure.

The board members spent two weeks in the CEF (Concurrent Engineering Facility) of DLR in Bremen. Despite different views on the technical project management assessed Dr Achim Vollhardt cooperation with the staff of the DLR as very constructive and mutually very useful.

The results of the study were presented in early May 2010 in a final presentation at the DLR in Cologne. In the presence of representatives of the DLR program Directorate, Peter Guelzow, DB2OS, and Hartmut Paesler, DL1YDD, in cooperation with DLR representatives presented the results of the study. The results have been received by all participants very positive, a further cooperation with the DLR is assessed positively by both sides and sought. For the first time the technical feasibility of our Mars mission became confirmed by an independent side.

Peter Guelzow sees the results of the study and the dialogue with politicians as an important foundation to the completion of P3E and as a strong argument for future negotiations with potential donors and launch operators.

At the Symposium was the telemetry and command operations with the new IHU3 for P3E the topic of Mario Lorenz, DL5MLO. There was great progress in the advancement of the IHU3-board computer. IPS is running and now Mario is working intensively on the implementation of turbo codes on the IHU3. Using a live demo, he demonstrated the operation of the IHU3 and the IPS operating system and the robustness of the turbo codes.

Because of some contacts at the political level and funding efforts were other concrete work on P3E something pushed into the background. At the invitation of the coordinator for air and space of the Federal Republic Germany, the Parliamentary State Secretary Peter Hintze, met the Board members Peter Guelzow, Hartmut Paesler and AMSAT-DL member Wilfried Knauer the Ministry of Economy and Technology in Berlin to a two-hour information session together.

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