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*Boa notícia para os candidatos a high speed CW operator
Para quem se queixa de falta e oportunidade para praticar o CW a baixa
velocidade, eis aqui um excelente janela de oportunidade.

FISTS CW Club invites all radio amateurs to take part in the annual
EUCW/FISTS QRS Party over five days, Monday-Friday, following the 4th
Sunday in April each year.

This is not a contest. Just enjoy plenty of slow Morse activity for a
period of five days. The dates selected are intended to avoid weekend
contest activity. Work any station, including members of EUCW clubs
(see below), but send only in QRS. Standard QSO's with
non-participating stations can be included in logs.

*DATES/TIMES*: From Monday 0000z to Friday 2359z in the week after the
4th Sunday in April 2009:

Monday 27th April 2009, 0001 UTC, to Friday 1st May 2009, 2359 UTC

*MODE*: CW only.

*POWER*: Any authorised power.

*CALL*: CQ QRS. Stations may be worked once per day, per band.

*FREQUENCIES*: Recommended areas of activity, +/- 10 kHz of the FISTS
calling frequencies, including WARC bands (see below), but contacts
can be made on any frequency. *Non-QRP stations should avoid calling
CQ on the popular QRP frequencies (see below)*.

*KEYS/SPEEDS*: Use any type of key or keyer. *No keyboard sending or
pre-programmed messages from computers or keyers*, but pre-programmed
CQ calls or CQ loops are permitted. Maximum speed is 14 words per
minute (70 cpm). The speed of a QSO should be at the speed of the
slower station.

*CONTACTS*: Normal friendly QSOs, no special requirements. QSOs with
any station count. Work any station in any country, including stations
not taking part in the QRS Party but try to persuade them to work QRS.

*LOGS/FEEDBACK*: This is not a contest, but logs and feedback will be
welcomed in the following classes:

*A* - More than 10w input or 5w output power

*B* - QRP (10w input or 5w output, or less)

*C* - Shortwave listeners.

Logs should show Date, Time, Callsign, Name, QTH and EUCW Club/Number
(if appropriate) of the stations worked/heard, and may include up to
three votes for "Most Readable Morse Heard" (one vote per station).


a)    A certificate will be awarded to the three participants
working/hearing the most stations in each class.

b)    Certificates of Merit will be awarded to the three operators
receiving most votes for the "Most Readable Morse Heard", provided the
operators nominated have also submitted a log. If the operators
receiving the most votes have not submitted a log the certificates of
merit will be awarded to the qualifying operators with the next
highest number of votes. In the event of a tie in first, second or
third places, multiple certificates will be awarded, marked "Shared


FISTS/EUCW QRS Party Organiser, Robert Walker M0BPT, 87A Whitehall
Road, West Bromwich, B70 0HG. England.

*EMAIL* m0bpt

To be received by surface mail or e-mail not later than 31st May.

*NOTES - EUCW (European CW Association) Clubs:*

AGCW-DL (Germany);


BTC (Belgium);

CFT (Belgium);

CTC (Croatia);

*CT-CWC (Portugal**); *

EACW (Spain);

EA-QRPC (Spain);

EHSC (Extremely High Speed Club);


FOC (First Class Operators Club);


GTC (Greece);

HACWG (Hungary);

HCC (Spain);

HSC (High Speed Club);

HTC (Switzerland);

INORC (Italy);

I-QRPC (Italy);

IS QRP (Italy);

ITC (Italy);

LZCWC (Bulgaria);

MCWG (Macedonia);

OE-CWG (Austria);

OHTC (Finland);

OK-QRPC (Czech Republic);

RTC (Germany);

RU-QRP (Russia);

SCAG (Scandinavia);

SHSC (Super High Speed Club);

SP-CWC (Poland);

UCWC (C.I.S.);

UFT (France);

U-QRQC (C.I.S.);

VHSC (Very High Speed Club);

YL-CW-GP (Germany);

3A-CW-G (Monaco);

9A-CWG (Croatia).

*EUCW Associated Clubs**:*

CWAS (Brazil);

GACW (Argentina);


*FISTS Overseas Chapters**:*

FISTS Down Under (Australia & New Zealand);

FISTS East Asia;


*FISTS calling frequencies**:*

Recommended area of activity +/- 10 kHz

2m    144.058 MHz

6m    Use any authorised CW frequency

10m   28.058 MHz

12m   24.918 MHz

15m   21.058 MHz

17m   18.085 MHz

20m   14.058 MHz

30m   10.118 MHz

40m    7.028 MHz

80m    3.558 MHz

160m   1.808 MHz

*QRP CW Calling Frequencies to be avoided by non-QRP stations*

1843; 3560; 7030; 10116; 14060; 18096; 21060; 24906; 28060 kHz.


*Se ainda não viu ou não conhece, veja este link  ** *

António Gamito
NRA #001, ARLA #003, REP #308, ARMI #365, MF #1026, EPC #4787, URE #62292,
CTC #2148
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