ARLA/CLUSTER: Alerta vindo da Holanda sobre o novo Decreto-Lei 53/2009.

Salomao Fresco sal.fresco
Quinta-Feira, 12 de Março de 2009 - 13:44:13 WET

Boa tarde,

Nada que já não tivesse sido dito, não só por mim, como também por outros
intervenientes no Cluster.

Espero que os representantes das Associações representativas, tenham o
bom-senso de apresentar soluções para este e outros problemas já

A redundância acima é intencional...


Salomão Fresco

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 12:23, João Gonçalves Costa <joao.a.costa>wrote:

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> De: Geert Jan de Groot [mailto:pe1hzg]
> Enviada: quinta-feira, 12 de Março de 2009 12:00
> Para: João Gonçalves Costa
> Assunto: Re: Most important changes for the Amateur's services in Portugal.
> "* Entry class 3 amateur´s radio must:
>  * stay 2 years, minimum, on that class;
>  * use 5 year maximum to apply for a class 2 permit. If they fail to get
> that permit they will lose the CAN;
>  * use his station for reception only. For transmission they must use
> another licensed (from other class) amateur-radio station. In this case the
> presence of the owner is mandatory, acting as supervisor."
> That way lays madness. We had something similar in the Netherlands in the
> 80's: 6 channels in 2M only; pre-approved equipment, no homebrewing.
> After the 2-year period, many people had not upgraded.
> Annual extensions were added until the 2-year rule was dropped.
> Then, they gained more privileges: wider piece on 2M, piece of SSB, part of
> 70cm.
> Later, full 2M, more power, full 70cm, and part of HF was added.
> People from the first hour were grandfathered all the way up to this level.
> I challenge the Portugese regulator to really pull the plug when time is
> up. I bet we'll see gransfathering.
> GJ
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