ARLA/CLUSTER: Alerta vindo da Holanda sobre o novo Decreto-Lei 53/2009.

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Quinta-Feira, 12 de Março de 2009 - 12:23:14 WET


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De: Geert Jan de Groot [mailto:pe1hzg] 
Enviada: quinta-feira, 12 de Março de 2009 12:00
Para: João Gonçalves Costa
Assunto: Re: Most important changes for the Amateur's services in Portugal.

"* Entry class 3 amateur´s radio must: 

  * stay 2 years, minimum, on that class;
  * use 5 year maximum to apply for a class 2 permit. If they fail to get that permit they will lose the CAN;	
  * use his station for reception only. For transmission they must use another licensed (from other class) amateur-radio station. In this case the presence of the owner is mandatory, acting as supervisor."

That way lays madness. We had something similar in the Netherlands in the 80's: 6 channels in 2M only; pre-approved equipment, no homebrewing.

After the 2-year period, many people had not upgraded.
Annual extensions were added until the 2-year rule was dropped.

Then, they gained more privileges: wider piece on 2M, piece of SSB, part of 70cm.

Later, full 2M, more power, full 70cm, and part of HF was added.
People from the first hour were grandfathered all the way up to this level.

I challenge the Portugese regulator to really pull the plug when time is up. I bet we'll see gransfathering.


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