ARLA/CLUSTER: PLC pode afectar quaisquer dispositivos "wireless"

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Quarta-Feira, 26 de Agosto de 2009 - 14:53:32 WEST

Homeplug user - 'should I feel guilty about ham radio?'

An article on by respected technical journalist Guy Kewney mentions the problems that HomePlug power-line communications (PLC) systems cause to those who listen to short wave radio.

However, it's not just radio listeners who are affected by these devices, it appears they can also affect some wireless keyboards and mice, Guy quoted Steven Routly who posted this in the Comtrend Forum:

"I have just installed BT vision with a pair of Comtrend adapters, and now my wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse do not work properly (act like they are drunk ) miss letters and work slow. I can turn the problem on and off simply by putting the Comtrend adapters in standy or on, so they are the cause of the problem," .

You can read the full article at

The potential problems devices like 'Homeplug' could cause to peoples' radios were mentioned in the December 2007 issue of Personal Computer World (PCW) magazine which said

"Mains wiring acts as an aerial when passing radio-frequency data signals and, as we have reported before there are fears about the cummulative effect in cities if the technology gets taken up on the same scale as WiFi."

Guy Kewney started work at English Electric Leo Marconi Computers (EELM) in 1965 and during a distinguished career has written for Electronics Weekly, Computing, New Scientist, Personal Computer World (PCW) and PC Magazine among many others.

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