ARLA/CLUSTER: D-STAR repeater interference problems caused by uncoordinated operating segments.

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2009/8/24 João Gonçalves Costa <joao.a.costa>

> D-STAR repeater interference
> Edition 52 of the International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 VHF/UHF/uW
> newsletter highlights the interference problems caused by uncoordinated *D-Star
> repeaters* operating in the Amateur Satellite segments.
> The front page of the newsletter, edited by *Michael Kastelic OE1MCU*,
> says The Cavtat conference has already recognised the frequency requirement
> for digital voice, and the bandplans have been adjusted accordingly.
> We see, however, further development in this direction, with rising number
> of users. In some countries, this leads to uncoordinated growth, with D-Star
> repeaters operating even in the 2m satellite segment.
> See
> *The situation is deplorable. We complain about interference in the
> satellite segment caused by pirates and telephony systems, while blocking
> the satellite segment ourselves, not to mention interference due to
> irregular repeater shifts*.
> *Whenever a new D-Star repeater is to be set up, it must operate on a
> coordinated frequency pair, even if this means that an existing analogue
> repeater has to be switched off for this purpose. I urgently request all VHF
> managers to monitor the developments in their countries and to use their
> influence to redress the situation as required.*
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