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Fabiano Moser fabianomoser
Sexta-Feira, 21 de Agosto de 2009 - 10:48:34 WEST


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From: boeing377 <BOEING377>
Date: 2009/8/20
Subject: [AlincoDJ-G7] PARACHUTE MOBILE 1.2 GHz FM this Sunday 1280.225
To: AlincoDJ-G7

Mark AF6IM and Michael KF6WRW will be skydiving at Byron CA this Sunday and
will do some HAHO (high altitude high opening) jumps to give us enough time
to do ham radio comms. Jump altitudes will be approx 14,000 ft. We will not
be using oxygen gear.

These are practice jumps for the big event planned for October, HF radio
HAHO jumps at an altitude of 18,000 to 24,000 feet depending on FAA
clearances and conflicting air traffic. We are using these practice jumps to
work out kinks in mounting, mics, noise cancellation, headphones etc. and
just getting used to flying our ram air ("square") chutes and communicating

I plan to operate on the 1282.225 MHz repeater for at least one jump. I will
announce about a half hour pre jump as I can reach ths repeater from the
ground in Byron.

Jon, K6OJ, our crew chief, will be on the ground at Byron and will
coordinate some 2 meter simplex comms for me. Details to follow. I will call
Michael KI6QNZ by phone from Byron to give him an ETA on jump times Sunday.
He has volunteered to put out the info on the N6NFI repeater 145.230 which
we cannot reach from the ground in Byron.

We would like to use APRS for more than just position reporting on our later
jumps. Relatively cheap pulse oximeters now have USB output. We'd like to
have APRS report our blood oxygen levels and pulse rates to our ground crew.

If we have oxygen system failures we may not be able to recognize them
ourselves due to hypoxia. Ground controllers could detect it and try to
inform us by radio. Even if we did not hear or understand the radio
warnings, the ground crew could at least see our altitude, heading and speed
and dead reckon where we might be landing in an impaired state. The ground
crew could dispatch resources to our predicted landing area which could be
miles away from the DZ. From 24,000 feet in calm air, we can glide about 15
miles horizontally, much more if we are running downwind. Garmin 350s (or
the more expensive Kenwood APRS GPS plotters) interfaced to APRS could prove
very useful. On these recent practice jumps we had winds up to 20 knots at
the higher altitudes and had to fly into the wind to maintain position over
the DZ while descending.

We'd also like the ground crew to help us calculate winds aloft (speed and
direction) during our jumps. If we make a constant rate turn of 360 degrees,
our ground track in calm air will be a perfect circle. If there are winds
aloft, the circle will be distorted. We should show a peak in groundspeed
when running directly downwind during the turns. It is too complicated to do
the figuring under canopy, but pretty easy for a trained ground crew. We
will need quite a few people because there are so many different tasks to do
during the jump. Jon K6OJ will be determining resource needs and
allocations. I am sure he will welcome volunteers.

The October jumps were originally scheduled for Monterey (Marina airport)
but we are considering Byron too. In the event of an oxygen failure, an
uncontrolled parachute could head FAR out to sea (over 15 miles) from our
planned altitudes if we jumped at Marina. Byron has its own nearby hazards:
windmill farms, high voltage towers and lines, canals and lakes, etc. We are
balancing the risks and still deciding. Byron is a bit closer to our ham
community. Monterey offers incredible aerial scenery. We will carry
floatation gear no matter where we jump, but a far offshore ocean landing
could prove fatal due to hypothermia even if afloat. if we choose Monterey
we may wear anti exposure jumpsuits. I have some surplus ones used by flight
crews. VERY uncomfortable (basically a drysuit) but better safe than sorry.

Anyone out there have the expertise to interface a pulse oximeter with APRS
to report blood oxygen levels?

We'd also like to get ATV coverage of the October HF jumps and maybe even
some of the practice jumps. I'd be willing to fly a video camera and ATV
xmtr, but dont have any gear. Any ideas? My nmail address is below.

LOTS to do in advance of our October jumps. Any help or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated. I will also have a portable ADF ready for October for
the use of our ground crew. Additional DF resources will be welcomed. I will
carry a VHF location beacon, probably on 121.7 MHZ AM and an emergency
beacon on 121.5 MHz AM to be activated if in distress.

af6im <>

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Representative at Teleconference and Portugal Telebridge Coordinator.

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