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Sexta-Feira, 14 de Agosto de 2009 - 11:54:11 WEST

Energy company could install Powerline technology in homes

According to reports, energy company EDF could install Powerline technology in peoples' homes to provide a link to the customers' broadband

>From a Broadband TV News article titled
'Digital TV reads smart meters' by Julian Clover

"Customers that sign up to the two-year long trial receive a package that also includes a 'communication hub' that sends information about the customer's electricity usage to the supplier over GSM. EDF describes this as "like sending a text to a mobile phone".

"Powerline technology links the equipment to the customer's existing broadband set-up while a so-called 'freedom unit' is responsible for collating the information within the customer's premises."

The article is widely refered to on Twitter and other internet sources but, at the time of writing, nothing could be confirmed from EDF's website.

The "Powerline technology" refered to in the article could be something similar to the Comtrend Power Line Adaptors (PLA) used in BT Vision.

Using the mains power supply for data/broadband communications can cause severe inteference to radio reception over a wide area (up to 300 metres) and spoil peoples' enjoyment of their favourite radio show.

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