ARLA/CLUSTER: ICOM IC-7200 HF/50MHz with IF DSP and USB port to PC Control.

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Quinta-Feira, 9 de Outubro de 2008 - 12:56:03 WEST

IC-7200 - Rugged HF/50MHz Rig with IF DSP!

The Icom IC-7200 offers an excellent overall specification coupled with ease of use.

The controls on the front panel are water resistant, providing a measure of protection against the elements. The IC-7200 has a rugged build, which means that this rig can be used in the field as well as in the shack.

The front-mounted speaker provides clear audio sounds that can be clearly heard during operation. The '7200 sports a "rear bumper" which provides protection for the radio for storage and transportation with the radio standing on the rear panel.


Some of the main features of this model include:

* 100-Watts transmitter. All mode, general coverage receiver, covering 30kHz -60.000 MHz.

* The built-in digital filter allows you to flexibly select the filter width and shape from soft and sharp and provides cutting edge filter characteristics. This makes optional filters a thing of the past for this model.

* Twin Passband tuning allows you to tailor your IF passband by electronically shifting the upper and lower edges of the IF filter. This allows you to either narrow the IF passband, or shift the entire passband to eliminate interfering signals.

* The IC-7200 comes with a high stability oscillator, providing +/-0.5ppm frequency stability with all the versatility of Icom's "IF" DSP.

* Manual notch filter delivers more than 70dB of attenuation. Strong interfering tones will be eliminated without adversely affecting the AGC loop performance. On the bottom right of the front panel, a dedicated control knob adjusts the notch filter frequency.

* USB port The USB port provides PC control as well as the possibility of recording incoming calls and/or transmits pre-programmed messages from your PC. (3rd Party Software required.)

Fontes: The Southgate News website, Rigpix Database.

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