ARLA/CLUSTER: VP6DX- Dxpedição á Ilha Ducie com 170.000 QSO´s em 25/02/2008.

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Segunda-Feira, 25 de Fevereiro de 2008 - 18:31:19 WET


The VP6DX DXpedition continues to attract huge pile ups on all bands and modes. On February 19 they reported that 104,900 contacts were already made! Last info in: 170.000 QSO`s.

Having in mind that the team will wrap up on February 27 or 28, it's very likely that all previous records can be broken! Some interesting facts have been reported:

160 meter contact made with opposite side of the planet. At February 18, 12.52 UTC, the VP6DX 160 meter operator was called by, and completed a contact with A45XR, Alex in Oman. A45XR is located less than 300 km from the antipode (exact opposite location on the planet) of Ducie Island. This contact took place during the late afternoon, Oman time, 1 hour 10 minutes before sunset. At the time of the contact, the terminator was 2000 km from Oman, approaching from the east-northwest.

All directions between antipodes are of equal distance. Over what path was this contact made?
At Ducie Island, A45XR's signals were heard best on the 305° beverage antenna. This suggests the signal path traveled over Japan, northern China, and Pakistan...exiting perpendicular from the twilight zone. It is possible a single E-skip hop between Oman and northeast Pakistan completed the path through the 2000 km daylight sector.
Congratulations to both operators! - is said in the VP6DX's press release.

Now that we have shown Ducie Island's topband operating team can contact even the farthest point on the planet, what's stopping you from trying a top band contact with VP6DX? If you think your antenna is inferior, or you are running limited transmitter power, don't give up! Look at comments in the guestbook section of the website: lots of stations are now in the VP6DX log book with very simple antennas and low heights - even on top band!
So, give every band and mode a try. We are waiting for your call! We are stuck on an inhabited island with nothing to do but work any station who calls us!

6 meter beacon now on the air. On February 19 the VP6DX 6 m beacon began operations. The beacon frequency is 50105.5 kHz. Beacon power is 70 watts to a Yagi antenna. We will try beaming east-northeast for two hours around our sunrise...north-northeast to USA/Canada/Central America for the reminder of the day. Please submit any reception reports via You may call us on the beacon frequency.

80 meter long path to OH and European Russia. During a window around Ducie Island local sunrise (13.45 - 14.45 UTC), long path contacts have been made on both 75 m SSB and 80 m CW with stations in Finland and European Russia. The furthest contact was to northern Finland, about 25,000 km from Ducie Island and 5000 km beyond the antipodes.

The best reception at Ducie Island for most contacts is on the 195° beverage antenna. This long path route parallels the terminator (bearing 187° from Ducie) with signals traveling over Antarctica...Heard Island...Rodriguez Island...the Pesian Gulf...and western Russia. We encourage stations in Scandinavia and western Russia to listen during these times and call VP6DX if they hear our signal.

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