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João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Quinta-Feira, 21 de Fevereiro de 2008 - 19:06:39 WET

More UK 2 metre D-STAR repeaters on-air

2 metre D-STAR repeaters have been springing up across the UK in recent days.

First off the mark was GB7DG in Glasgow on 15th February followed rapidly by GB7YD in Yorkshire, GM7MI in Manchester and GB7DE in Fife.

D-STAR repeaters have already become well established in the 70 cm band. The new 2 metre repeaters make D-STAR accessable to many more UK Radio Amateurs.

The offer by Icom UK of 2 metre or 70 cm D-STAR repeaters for £1000 (ex. VAT) has undoubtably been a factor in the rapid growth of the D-STAR repeater network.

D-Star Introductory Infrastructure Offer

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