ARLA/CLUSTER: Nova Entidade DXCC - Principado da Pontinha (Madeira)

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Terça-Feira, 19 de Fevereiro de 2008 - 19:58:12 WET

Por mim e como este assunto para o hobby, do radioamadorismo, interessa-me substancialmente ... estou na firme e convicta disposição de ser o primeiro organizador da Primeira Dxpedições a esta entidade, But lá pessoal:  Project Goodwill Principado da Pontinha - Madeira Island 2008.

Vamos ter é de levar pelo menos 3 Americanos, um Inglês, um Françes (na condição, que já tenha privado intimamente com a Carla Bruni) ....etc

 Alias, tudo isto é sem a menor duvida, concordo com os colegas, um autentico filme dos "Monty Phyton's " começando por essa coisa questionável e inicial, a acreditar que estes senhores tem mesmo documentos reconhecidos e válidos, como é que a UNMIK- United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo lhe passa uma autorização utilizando o prefixo que é reconhecido pela ITU-International Telecommunication Union-United Nations Agency como sendo da Servia (YT-YU) quando este Estado não administra efectivamente este território.

Outra é este anuncio sureal e ao melhor estilo do "Monty Phyton's "YU8, KOSOVO. As expected,  Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on Sunday, February 17th. A multi-national group of Amateur Radio operators is now in Kosovo in an effort to support and help revitalize(REVITALIZAR..? Só se forem os Dentes) Amateur Radio locally.

Pura e simplesmente uma grande anedota tragico/comica tudo o que se passa.

João Costa


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        Subject: "Sometimes DXing really sucks"

        According to DX-Daily, the famous Monty Phyton's Flying Circus
        is planning a DXpedition to Lapland and Aland.
        "Where do we go next? Nowhere really" - said the DXpedition leader, Smarti, OH2BHYU8.
        "With possibility of TWO new DXCC countries soon-to-be recognized in our backyard,
        we no longer need to travel the world for good plie-up."
        Asked to comment on fiasco-DXpediton to Kosovo that took the place earlier this year
        Smarti was brief: "We got there first, but we could not find a clear frequency.
        The band was flooded with YU8 pirates strategically located all over Serbia.
        Sometimes DXing really sucks."

        Lapland [OH9] and Åland [OH0] also striving for independence

        Finland expressed deep concerns regarding Kosovo's one-sided independence declaration. Finland is a Northern European country with two different separatistic areas Åland and Lapland who both have tried to declare independence several times in the past, but the acts have so far been crushed by the efficient and well trained Finnish Army as well as fast reacting and internationally lobbing Finnish political figures.
        Åland's status was stabilized on UN mandate on 1945 after the long war and near genocide between Finland and Åland. The archaic swedish dialect speaking inhabitants of Åland who mostly live with their traditional trade of potato chips have been declared as 'endangered species' by the UN. Åland also continues offering their shores as a safe haven for international ships trying to sell tax-free alcohol and tobacco.

        Åland is an island in the Baltic sea with no natural resources and temperate climate.
        Lapland's efforts to declare independence have so far died on the oppression coming also from neighbouring countries Sweden and Norway to whom's areas the Lappish inhabitants have also spread. Finland, Sweden and Norway are afraid of 'domino-effect' which could follow if Lapland would declare independence. "Next thing you know Jylland and Skåne declares independence as well and we didn't conquer half of Europe several centuries ago to see our proud Svealand crumble into peaces now!" the Swedish Minister of Defense Sten Tolgfors explained.
        The independence struggle of Lapland and Åland have received international attention of and are backed up by EU states such as France and Spain as well from countries such as Russia and China.

        The above DX Report is naturally a JOKE but link below shows that Monty Python Circus
        can show up in everyones backyard, much more than many even think it's possible


Pass it to friends if you feel appropriate

73, Popa, YU7EF &  YT8EF

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