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I have several DSTAR radios including a couple of ID800's.  

Both ID800s are used fixed station.  I have had NO issues with the 
800 and believe it is probably the best value going....

Except - Limits - Dual Band Radio - receives one band at one time - 
not a big deal for me.  Easy to add GPS outboard receiver or feed 
the radio with an emulator program for fixed use.  100 UR memories 
MAX......54 RPT memories MAX.  It is impossible to load up every 
gateway repeater (close to 300 now days) and preload reflectory Link 
and unlink.  

The display only shows 6 characters at a time so you can see the 
call sign but not the A, B, C or G in the display (but the display 
is really large and easy to read).  You need a level shifter / 
programming cable to program the radio.  

Other models use just a cable without electronics.  Size is
nice - detachable front.  Programming is CLONING and NOT CONTROL

Dan Smith's CHIRP software works well as does the CS800 from
Icom.  Radio does run a little hot but has not been a problem.  And
finally, for ME a bit difficult to program without cloning software.

Also I have used non standard splits on VHF - 1 Mhz and 600 kHz, but 
not tried 7.6 mHz on UHF.  I don't forsee any problem in that 

I am comparing this against my familiarity with ID1, IC-2820, IC2720
(not dstar) IC91AD and IC92.  You might think I like Icom.....I DO.

Merry Christmas,  Steve NU5D

dd1gv  ... wrote:
> Hello all
> I am interested in a ICOM ID-800H to use it with D-Star .. can 
anyone tell me 
> little more about this rig, cause in Germany it is not available 
from icom ..
> Best wishes,
> Vajk / DD1GV
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