ARLA/CLUSTER: EQSO link nos 70mhz no Reino Unido

antonio matias ct1ffu
Quinta-Feira, 11 de Dezembro de 2008 - 15:29:53 WET

I'm now running my eqso link on 70.350 FM, which is being controlled with the latest version of my SRM 9000 software. This has a "voice" beacon which, when the link is idle (every 3 mins), "speak" info derived from a GPS receiver, i.e. lat & long, height, speed, heading, time and number of satellites in view. (I may add in/out temperature later) Power output is around 10 watts or so into a dipole at 570ft ASL. I'm at IO85HV so coverage to Edinburgh and Fife is pretty good. Its usually on at evenings and weekends and I'd be interested in any reports. If you have a simoco SRM9000 series radio and programming cable, you can download the software (completely free!) yourself and try it out. More details here : 73s John GM7HHB._________________
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