ARLA/CLUSTER: Icarus Project, 10 122 Khz, 1 Setembro de 2007.

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Sexta-Feira, 30 de Novembro de 2007 - 14:17:01 WET

Se alguém escutar o beacon, por favor avise-me por email, ou melhor aínda por SMS para o meu telemóvel:
91 928 57 36.

Luciano Melo

About this Mission:
This flight is a test flight of the equipment that is intended to eventually fly a trans-Atlantic mission. watch for info as the mission begins. This is the culmination of our Icarus Project, a series of missions developing our ability to fly longer and farther than any amateur ever has. This mission is a Zero Pressure Balloon deisgned to float at 42,000ft, kept from descending by liquid alcohol ballast dropping system. Long duration flight, goal is 2-5 days. 940 cu ft balloon by Mark Caviezel, Radio communications will be via HF RTTY/CW and 2m APRS.

The balloon is not necessarily scheduled for recovery, however if it is in a nearby area after descent, UTARC or one of the associated groups may attempt a recovery.

Launch Location: Knoxville, TN DKX Downtown Island Airport

Google Map Directions to Launch

Date: Sat December 1, 2007

Time: 7:30AM EST (12H30 UTC)

Flight Plan: Climb to FL 42k feet, drift back to 35,000 ft, drop some ballast, drift back up to 42000 ft, and repeat. Should travel down to the Caribbean via the Atlantic Ocean.

Flight Tracking Information Live web tracking will be available through: |

Ham Operators - please download the Distributed Tracking and Relay Client to receive and relay telemetry to the live tracking page. Without you, the balloon will be lost!

Operational Details Launch Site coordinates:
35° 57' 43.51"N
83° 52' 24.50W

Launch Site altitude: 844' AMSL

Launch Site

Communications Frequencies :
144.390 Mhz AA4UT-11 APRS beacon (while over USA only)
10 122 Khz RTTY/CW Telemetry TBD (while outside of USA and UK)

Launch Crew Crew Leader: Greg Williams K4HSM
Site Setup Crew Arrival Time: 5:30AM

Setup Crew
Dan Bowen, Carl Lyster, Mike Coffey, Ed Richardson, Ben Bales, Tom Ogle
Balloon Handlers/Spectators Arrival Time: 7:00AM

Mission Control:
Mission control will consist of at least one person at all times, to monitor the progress of the flight and keep Air Traffic Control and web site updated with progress information. Crew Leader: Dan Bowen

Crew Engineering Crew Leader: Carl Lyster WA4ADG

Dan Bowen, Mike Coffey, Ben Bales, Ed Richardson, Tom Ogle, Mark Caviezel
Desired Data Results:
Ballast dump software performance, long-term float performance of Caviezel 940 balloon, heater ability to maintain temperature

Manifest Payload:

Flight Computer "Snox1"
Sparkfun "Postage Stamp" GPS
MicroTrack 2M radio (turned off upon leaving U.S.)
Lyster 30M HF RTTY/CW tx (turned on upon leaving U.S., muted over UK)
30M: UTARC RTTY Telemetry version 200
30M: CW Telemetry Version 300
2M : UTARC APRS Telemetry Version 124
Please decode our HF telemetry using our Distributed Tracking and Relay Client, which only requires an audio connection to your radio: DTRC Download Page

VHF APRS: position and every 21 seconds, telemetry every 63 seconds
HF RTTY Daytime: position and telemetry on the following minutes past the hour: 0 10 20 30 40 50
HF CW Daytime: position on the following minutes past the hour: 5 15 35 45
HF RTTY Nighttime: position and telemetry on the following minutes past the hour: 0 30
HF CW Nighttime: position on the following minutes past the hour: 15 45
[edit]Weight Budget
Total Weight: 12Lbs
   Rope, antenna wires, etc:  0.5lbs
    Ballast weight = 6lbs - Ballast Container weight
 Total Ballast Conatiner Weight: 6 lbs
 Total Payload Container weight: 5.5lbs


Power :
40 AA batteries
5v Pack of 8? lithium AA batteries - Flight Computer and GPS 12v pack of 16? lithium AA batteries - Radios and Solenoid 5v? pack of 8? lithium AA batteries - internal electric heater

Envelope :
940 cu ft balloon by Mark Caviezel

Flight Profile :
Climb to 42,000 ft, descend down to ballast drop altitude, repeat until ballast is empty. (24-84 hours)

Software Parameters :
The software on this mission is very complex. Here are the important settings that will affect the flight: Ballast drop threshold: 35,000 ft

Balloon build and test - Mark Caviezel, NG0X
File Notam - Bryan Rollins?
Transport Helium - Greg, K4HSM?
Research :
NAT Control contact info

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