Re: ARLA/CLUSTER: Austrália, e vai mais um D-Star.

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Quinta-Feira, 22 de Novembro de 2007 - 12:42:51 WET

Estou a pensar apontar as antenas para a Australia e falar com eles, nas 
bandas todas!!!. AHAHAHAHAAHHA

Isto já parece um canal de TV que não vou dizer aqui qual.... falam falam e 
tudo bem espremido nao sai nada de jeito. é que nao ha uma que se aproveite, 
impressionante....pensando bem, mas muito bem mesmo talvez se possa 
aproveitar uma ou duas por semana.


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Melbourne's D-Star repeater goes live
The new Melbourne D-Star repeater VK3RWN located at Olinda in the Dandenong 
ranges was installed on Friday evening.

VK3RWN is now running in a testing / commissioning mode on 2mtrs & 70cm.

1.2 Voice 1273.9000 +20 MHz
1.2 Data 1298.3000 MHz
440 Voice 438.300 -5.40 MHz
2m Voice 146.9125 -0.600 MHz

The system is running on temporary antennas so coverage may be reduced, 
especially on 70cm. Antennas and coax for the 23cm DD & DV will be installed 
in the next few weeks and at the same time the 2mtr and 70cm antennas will 
be upgraded.

Once the coax and antennas are installed we will begin testing 23cm DD, 
however we are waiting on cavities for 23cm DV, so it may be a while before 
the 23cm DV is operational.

The D-Star Gateway Server & Network connection to the International D-Star 
network have been installed but are yet to be activated for testing / 
commissioning. You are welcome to use the repeater, however keep in mind 
that the system will be unavailable for periods of time while we work 
the commissioning phase.

I would like to thank all those in the D-Star installation team, Steve 
VK3JSR, Allan VK3FALL, Peter VK3TQ, Matt VK3FGIB, Robert VK3KRB, Richard 
VK3JFK and Cameron VK3MIR for their help in organising and installing the 
new D-Star repeater VK3RWN. Some members of the team worked well into the 
night and did not get home until 2:30AM Saturday.

Thank you also to the D-Star Team sponsors, Icom, aaRadio, JRD 
Communications, RFI Industries, Strictly Ham, G&C Communications and the WIA 
for their support with this project.

Richard VK3JFK
Australian National D-Star Coordinator

(Fonte: Wireless Institute of Australia)

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