ARLA/CLUSTER: Bouvet Island Entity may be active over Christmas

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Quarta-Feira, 19 de Dezembro de 2007 - 11:19:19 WET

Newly licensed operator Petrus, ZS6GCM is currently on Bouvet Island, for the following estimated dates:
13 December 2007 until 14 February 2008.

He is part of a five-man Norwegian led research team. Petrus is the medical officer of the team and will also be involved with the research.

The Icom IC-735 and Hustler 4-BTV vertical antenna was made available by the NCDXF, OKDXA & Bernie, ZS4TX.

Being newly licensed, Petrus ZS6GCM has limited HF experience. A brief training session and operating procedures were giving to Petrus in Cape Town by Rhynhardt Louw "Rhy", ZS6DXB, a couple of days prior to departure.

Video footage and audio recordings of past DXpeditions were used to ensure that Petrus had an understanding of what he was letting himself into. Petrus displayed full understanding of the job at hand and I am more than certain the he will make a pretty good job from working pileups, Rhy said.

Rhynhardt Louw "Rhy" ZS6DXB has also been appointed as the station pilot and media officer should you require any information please feel free to contact Rhy ZS6DXB.

Application for a dedicated 3Y call is underway and will be made public as soon as the call has been approved. Landing permission was granted months ago as it is a Norwegian research party that so happened to have a South African in their company.

Petrus will have limited time to operate as a result of the work load and availability of electrical power.

Future information to be made public:

1. Official 3Y call
2. Website address
3. Preview of QSL card for this expedition

Contact information:
Pilot station and Media Officer:

Rhynhardt Louw ZS6DXB

Location        South-Atlantic Ocean<>
Coordinates     54°26′S 3°24′E / -54.433, 3.4<>
Area    49 km²<>, (93% glaciated)
Highest point   Olavtoppen<> 780 m<> (2,559 ft<>)
<> Norway<>
Population      0



Bouvet Island
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