ARLA/CLUSTER: Satscape TV: 24 hour TV Channel.

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Segunda-Feira, 17 de Dezembro de 2007 - 18:03:42 WET

Satscape is one of the most popular programs for tracking Amateur Radio Satellites. Now Scott Hather G7LIU has added Satscape TV to his website.

On the website Scott says:

Satscape TV is a 24 hour TV Channel that broadcasts Videos all about Satscape, Space exploration, NASA, ESA, Amateur Radio and Amateur Satellite Radio tutorials and 'how-tos', and anything else I can think of that I think you'll want to watch.

We will also have special days where we'll put the serious stuff to one side and have a "comedy day", or some other theme, so what do you need to watch Satscape TV?

You probably already have everything, just a web browser and Flash installed, it works on Windows, Linux and Mac (much like Satscape for Java!).

Satscape TV

Download Satscape - Free Satellite Tracker for the 21st Century

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