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World climate is changing. Some countries and industries, mostly european,
are starting to tackle this challenge by cutting emission of greenhouse
gases and driving the society into a different, more aware, style of life.
This year's FAX CONTEST is designed to stimulate the interest of SWL and OM
into climate change..
The only viable way out of the problem requires a different midset. Small
changes in our lifestyle can have a big impact on the future. Education,
especially for the youth, is key to reverse the trend and get a better


Dates: 1 to 31 March 2008

Bands: HF and VHF (APT WX satellites)

Rules for SWLs: Every weather map (in HF or via satellite) must indicate the
date of receipt (or it must be otherwise possible to verify that the map was
received in the period of validity of the contest). Each faxed weather map
in HF is worth 1 point. Each weather map received via satellite is worth 2
points. For each APT weather satellite in VHF (only 5 currently remain
active), only one map a day (no more than one) will be valid for all days of
the contest. The faxed or satellite weather maps must be complete. PARTIAL
MAPS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Meteosat cards are not valid. Any foreign
participants will be inserted in a separate ranking. Fax maps with no
weather reference will be worth (one half) point. The judgement of the
examining commission and the contest manager is final. Participation in the
contest constitutes acceptance of all of the provisions of these rules.

Multipliers: Weather maps containing important climatic events (hurricanes,
tornados, etc., whether in HF or via satellite) are worth 5 points. As an
incentive for the receipt of multiple different weather stations, rather
than just the same (e.g., Northwood), every station received is equivalent
to a multiplier (e.g., 5 maps received from Northwood Weather Station = 5
points; 3 cards received from Northwood and 2 from Hamburg Weather (3+2)*2=
10 points. If the image does not allow for clear identification of the
transmitting station, it will only count as an image and not as a
multiplier. For Euopean listeners, Honolulu Weather (which is difficult to
hear), is considered a jolly station and is worth 10 points, in addition to
being a multiplier. For listeners from the US West Coast, the same applies
for Hamburg and Rome Weather Stations (the maps are worth 10 points). Each
weather satellite is considered a multiplier.

Sending the maps to the examining commission: The maps (HF fax or via
satellite) must be saved to a CD. The images must be in JPG format. The
files must have consecutive serial numbers (e.g., 1.jpg 2.jpg). For images
of maps that represent important climatic events, the name must be BONUS.JPG
(if there should happen to be more than one, they must be named
progressively BONUS1.JPG, BONUS2.JPG etc.). Images from Honolulu Weather (or
Hamburg and Rome Weather for west-coast listeners) must be called JOLLY.JPG
(if there should happen to be more than one, progressive numbering must
always be used). The CD must be sent to the address of the contest manager

The envelope must indicate the sender. In addition to the images ni JPG
format on the CD, there must be an Excel file with the log (Date, Time,
Frequency, Corresponding File Name, FAX or SAT, Comments) of the decoding
done. The envelope must contain, in addition to the CD, a print out of the
Excel file signed by the person participating in the contest, including
identifying data (Given and Family Name, Address, E-mail).

Prizes: All participants who send 15 complete fax maps will receive a
certificate of participation for the THIRD FAX CONTEST. The 3 top-ranked
participants (whether in the Italian or foreign ranking) will receive a
card. The top-ranked participant (whether in the Italian or foreign ranking)
will also receive a crest. The commission reserves the right to award any
competitors who have distinguished themselves in the decoding of very
interesting maps (DX maps or very specific or rare maps) a special prize.

Note: The members of the examining commission and the contest manager may
not participate in the contest. The cost of the contest is 10 euros as
compensation for expenses. Payment may be made via PostePay (the
information, card number and card holders name, may be personally requested
by the participants from the contest manager via e-mail). Non-Italian
listeners may pay via PayPal. Participation is free for students and persons
under the age of 18. Any proceeds, minus expenses for the printing of the
certificate, cards, crests, and postal expenses, will be donated to a
non-profit organisation (the organisation chosen will be informed). Any
modification of the maps with photo-editing programs will lead to immediate

Email: osensei  martialart. <> it

More details available via: http://www.iz8gfq.

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