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Assunto: Icom lança o 1º PMR Digital IC-F4029SDR


Para os mais desatentos a dinamica nos PMR 446 MHz é espantosa.

A revolução começou no mundo dos PMR, com o primeiro lançamento por parte de
Icom do seu novo modelo IC-F4029SDR com 8 canais analógicos e 8 canais

Apartir deste momento o novo mundo de possibilidades começa a ser explorado
por todos nós.

João Costa


Icom proudly announces the debut of a new category of digital radio, the
IC-F4029SDR. A first in the market, the IC-F4029SDR is a digital PMR 446
radios compliant to the ETSI TS 102 490 and EN 301 166-2 specifications. The
IC-F4029SDR provides digitally modulated clear sound and group
communication. Status message is possible, bringing a new dimension to the
license free arena.
By changing the channel setting, the IC-F4029 SDR can be used on existing
analogue PMR 446 channels and gives you the transition from analogue PMR 446
to digital PMR 446 in one unit. This product will create new market for
commercial and private users alike.

IC-F4029SDR in detail:

First in the market, digital PMR 446 radio
Compact and lightweight body
Li-Ion battery pack supplied
8-character alphanumeric display
32-status messages for digital PMR 446
"Common ID" group code
Existing analog PMR 446 channels available with CTCSS/DTCS tones
Hands-free operation with optional headset
Programming software for users
Useful communication tool for light commercial users (initial users can
benefit from security of digital voice)
Digital features :

The digital PMR 446 utilizes 4FSK/FDMA modulation and 6.25kHz digital narrow
channel spacing, which is half the channel spacing of the existing analogue
PMR 446 system. This way, the 100kHz band width allocated for digital PMR
446 is efficiently divided into 16 channels, or twice the current analogue
voice channel capacity.
32-status messages, 32 codes of prefixed status messages can be sent and
received. 16-character messages and 6 types of alert beeps sound that for
call reception, are programmable for each message.
"Common ID" group code, this function is similar to an analogue CTCSS/DTCS
code. By setting 1-254 common ID codes, the IC-F4029SDR opens its squelch
only when a matched code is received. It provides quiet stand-by and group
call function while sharing a channel with several groups. The code "255" is
the fixed code for all stations call.
Security of digital voice, 'Eavesdropping' by current scanner receivers is
impossible at this stage. Also since there are no other competing radios,
initial users will have a good level of security in digital voice
communication mode.
Analogue features :

"Smart-Ring" and "Ringer" function, the "Smart-Ring" function checks the
availability of your group members within the operating range. The "Ringer"
function is used for manually sending a ring tone instead of a voice call.
16 types of ringing tones are available.
The tone find function allows you to find a tone used in a channel to decode
a tone.
50 CTCSS tones and 84 DTCS tones provide quiet stand-by. DTCS inverse mode
is also programmable.
Other features :

The IC-F4029SDR is supplied with a Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-231. An
optional large capacity battery pack, BP-232 and economical type BP-230 are
also available. Lithium-Ion batteries provide larger capacity and a longer
operating time than a Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery pack and allows flexible
charging without the so-called memory effect.
Small and lightweight body, the IC-F4029SDR series has a fixed type antenna
and weighs just 280g (including BP-231). It measures only 53x195x32.5mm
including the antenna. The aluminum die-cast chassis and polycarbonate
casing combination is designed for durability. A rugged dual-rail guide
securely locks the battery to the back of the radio.
Alphanumeric LCD, for the function display, an 8-character 14 segment
alphanumeric LCD is employed to make a variety of information visually
recognizable at a glance. An automatic LCD backlight is standard for night
time operation.
Optional headset for hands-free operation.
Power on password.
2-step Power save function.

Supplied with :

BP-231 Li-Ion battery pack.
Belt clip.
User manual.

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