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Miguel Andrade ct1etl
Quinta-Feira, 23 de Março de 2006 - 21:45:57 WET

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De: Carlos Fonseca - CT1GFQ [mailto:ct1gfq.grupos]
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Assunto: Aprender morse no telemovel.....

Para quem telemoveis com tecnologia Java, e quer aprender morse.....


Subject: [SolidCpyCW] A Morse code trainer on a mobile phone

 Dear Everyone,

 I have been looking for an opportunity to train morse while being
 walking etc., with a trainer that offers normal sentences (instead of
 that rather limited and predictable set of abbreviations which is
 often heard on the bands).

 So I have written a small Java program that runs on a mobile phone
 (probably a GSM phone). It picks up the latest news from BBC (using
 one of their RSS feeds on the Internet) and plays them in Morse code.

 The program is experimental, but I invite everyone interested to try
 it out. Please open the web page on

 in order to get more instructions.

 Kind regards,
 Anders Fongen, LA6UIA

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