ARLA/CLUSTER : DXLDigest 6-048 of 20MAR'05.

Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas
Quarta-Feira, 22 de Março de 2006 - 12:13:52 WET

Here's this piece of news.

In the DXLD bulletin 6-048 dtd. 20th inst., the suggested page leads us, among others, to 
www.filatelia/dx/photos/renasc1.jpg  - that's the (old) site at Buraca 
(outskirts of Lisboa) where the local MW tx (1286 kHz 2.5 kW) & the SW tx 
(6155 kHz 600 watt) were located.  Right after the stn was occupied by 
political forces, in 1974/75, this very site was deliberately demolished 
with charges planted by certain members of the military (cf. and  R.Renascença no 
longer used SW after that, except for the short lived "adventure" via its 
Muge site, which still houses the (US made) 100 kW tx and a very small 
number of rhombics, all idle... and at the easy reach of anyone for they're 
outside the fenced perimeter.

The other local stn shown in www.filatelia.fin/dx/, Emissores Associados de 
Lisboa, was located at Pragal, right on the opposite bank of River Tagus. 
This was one the priv. comm. stns whose fate was to be nationalised and to 
become part of the RDP.   In the not so distant past (80s, early 90s) the 
RDP installed a MW stn at Pragal, probably in the old EAL plant.

The other pictures show what was known as Rádio Trans-Europa for quite some 
time, i.e. the stn in charge of the DW and the other relays via Sines, 
having later changed its name to Pro-Funk GmbH.   Neither those 3x250 kW 
Marconi txs nor the fixed curtain antennae are there (probably the 
log-periodic).   Curiously, during my APR'81 visit to the stn, at least one 
of the photos I took at that time, about 10~11 years later, resembles the 
one tagged as "sines4" in that page.   They use 3 rotatable curtain arrays, 
visible in GoogleEarth by the way, and 3x250 kW Thomcast units, which we 
know are all DRM capable.

(Carlos Gonçalves)

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