[Resumo Noticioso Electrónico ARLA] DX material.

Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas sapo.pt
Segunda-Feira, 20 de Fevereiro de 2006 - 12:01:04 WET

Dear Anker,

This is what I've got until this day.

4950 kHz RNA-Canal "A", Mulenvos, logged on 18 Feb 2158-2211, music prgr 
"Discolândia", no news bulletin at 2200; 45332. (Gonçalves)

6060 kHz R.Nacional, General Pacheco, obs'ed on 18 Feb 2335-2347, Spanish, 
talks, songs; 33442, co-ch QRM. (Gonçalves)

6020 kHz R.Australia, Shepperton VIC, obs'ed on 18 Feb 1100-1235, English to 
the Pacific, news, etc.; 25443, barely heard audible at 1235 when a stn in 
Chinese was fading in. (Gonçalves)

5025 kHz ORTB, Parakou, noted on 17 Feb 1912-1926, French prgr, news, 
obituary; 54444, but slightly noisy, muffled & distorted audio; splash de 
BFA 5030 putting a superb signal. (Gonçalves)

4716.8 kHz R.Yura, Yura, logged on 18 Feb 2243-2255, Spanish/Quechua prgr, 
Indian songs; 35342. (Gonçalves)

5952.5 kHz R.Pío XII,Siglo XX, heard on 18 Feb 2324-2336, Quechua, chats; 
33432, adj. QRM. (Gonçalves)

3235 kHz R.Guarujá Paulista, Marília SP, 18 Feb 2344-2353, advertisements, 
IDs, pops; 33342, adj. uty. QRM; not parallel to 5045 & // 5940.3 or 5980, 
so they air 3 different prgrs.

4775 kHz R.Congonhas, Congonhas MG, 17 Feb 2153-2209, A Voz do Brasil, ID, 
advertisements, "R.Congonhas - grandes sucessos", music; 35332.

4805 kHz R.Difª do Amazonas, Manaus AM, 19 Feb 0935-f/out 1040, light songs; 
25432.   Had also been logged on 17 Feb 2154-2207, A Voz do Brasil, 
religious prgr, songs; 35332.

4815 kHz R.Difª, Londrina PR, 18 Feb 2217-2231, religious pops; 45433, adj. 
uty. QRM.

4825 kHz R.Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, 18 Feb 2215-2224, pops in 
religious prgr; 33321, QRM de LAm. Superb (albeit distorted) on //9675.

4885 kHz R.Club do Pará, Belém PA, 19 Feb 0937-f/out 1045, songs, 
advertisements, talks; 23431, strg. QRM de adj. pulse-type signal.  Had been 
noted on 18 Feb 2213-2225, f/ball infos, prgr announcements, sl. "poderosa 
RCP"; 34332, QRM de B itself.

4915 kHz R.Difª, Macapá AP, 19 Feb 1038-f/out 1115, mass, ID, 
advertisements; 15441.  Had also been obs'ed on 17 Feb 2156-2210 mixed with 
R.CBN, both airing A Voz do Brasil, but "R.CBN - a rádio que toca notícia" 
was much stronger.

4935 kHz R.Capixaba, Vitória ES, 18 Feb 2155-2214, religious prgr "Deus é 
amor" from Voz da Liberta´ção, ID+fq+sl. "Uma voz perto de você" (which in 
standard, European Port. would be more like "uma voz perto de si"); 54433.

4975.1 kHz R.Mundial / A Nossa Voz, Osasco SP, 18 Feb 2224-2234, 
announcements, religious prgr 2230; 25321.

4985 kHz R.Brasil Central, Goiânia GO, 2231-..., sermon; 55343; like a local 
on //11815.

5045 kHz R.Guarujá Paulista, São Paulo SP, 18 Feb 2235-2246, chats, TCs, 
prgr "Esta Alma" (I think I got it right); 45333.

5940.3 kHz R.Guarujá Paulista, São Paulo SP, 18 Feb 2330-2338, chats; 33432, 
adj. QRM; // 5045 better.

5969.9 kHz R.Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte MG, 18 Feb 2332-2339, children 
phoning-ing, speaker saying "fique ligado na Itatiaia" (=stay tuned to 

5980 kHz R.Guarujá, Florianópolis SC, 18 Feb 2333-2340, phone-ins & chats on 
body fitness; 33442, adj. QRM; not // to 5045 or 5940.3.

6020 kHz R.Gaúcha, Ptº Alegre RS, 18 Feb 2334-2346, infos on carnaval; 
24442, muffled audio.

6134.8 kHz R.Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 17 Feb 2148-..., A Voz do Brasil w/ 
Jornal da Câmara dos Deputados; 43442, slight adj. QRM.

6150 kHz R.Record, São Paulo SP, 17 Feb 2151-..., same as on //9504.8 kHz, 
i.e. Jornal do Senado, Jornal da Câmara dos Deputados, both in A Voz do 
Brasil; 32441.

9504.8 kHz R.Record, São Paulo SP, 17 Feb 2132-2150, A Voz do Brasil with 
Jornal do Senado and Jornal da Câmara dos Deputados; 44543, adj. QRM; //6150 

9530 kHz R.Nova Visão, Stª Mª RS, 17 Feb 2134-2149, same prgr as in R.Record 
9504.8 kHz; 43543, adj. QRM.

9615 kHz R.Cultura, São Paulo SP, 18 Feb 2317-2328, light songs with a 
nostalgic flavour; 33543, adj. QRM.

9630 kHz R.Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 14 Feb 0849-f/out 1010 (later if obs'ed 
on the SW coast), advertisements & songs in prgr "Siga bem, caminhoneiro", 
fqs+affil. stns list, Jornal Brasil Hoje; 45433. That's another prgr like 
"Pé na Estrada", dedicated to truck drivers.

9665 kHz R.Marumby, Florianópolis SC, 17 Feb 2143-2155, same as in R.Record 
9504.8 kHz; 33532, adj. QRM.

9675 kHz R.Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, 19 Feb 1050-f/out 1225, 
songs, affil. stns list, music, religious prgr; barely audible 1225; 34432; 
also obs'ed two days earlier: 17 Feb 2146-2157, same as in R.Record 9504.8 
kHz; 55544.

11724.9 kHz R.Novas de Paz, Curitiba PR, 17 Feb 1950-2014, religious prgr 
"Parada Firme",mostly with songs; 35544.

11734.9 kHz R.Nova Visão, Stª Mª RS, 18 Feb 1106-1314, lighthearted 
religious prgr on the Bible, music, health prgr, Bible verses 1235, more 
music; 24442, adj. QRM only.

11815 kHz R.Brasil Central, Goiânia GO, 17 Feb 1938-2014, prgr "Na Beira da 
Mata", fqs, sports prgr "Desporto em cima da hora" at 2000; 45544.  Also on 
18 Feb 1239-1309 (still audible at 1425)talks, music, announcements; 23432, 
adj. QRM only; rated 33432 at 1645 on same day.

11829.9 kHz R.CBN Anhangüera, Goiânia GO, 17 Feb 1949-2017, talks, 
newsmagazine prgr "Goiás Hoje"; 45544.

(all 27 de Gonçalves)

7230 kHz R.Burkina, Ougadougou, logged on 18 Feb 1244-1351, Vernacular, 
talks, sports info, pops, French for 1300 h newscast; 45444. (Gonçalves)

1550 kHz Polisario Front's outlet is being ann'ed as parallel to 700 and 
7460 kHz acc.to the text of my audio clip translated by our esteemed DX 
colleague Tarek Zaidan in Egyp (via Wolfgang Büschel); as recently reported, 
the fqs ann'ed at the beginning of the prgr in Castilian are 1550 and 
"74.70", meaning they actually seem to know very little or even nothing of 
what they're talking about.   (Gonçalves)

5054.6 kHz Faro del Caribe, Sán Isidro, logged on 18 Feb 2239-2249, Spanish, 
light songs; 34332, slight co-ch QRM de UNID (B?). (Gonçalves)

5025 kHz R.Rebelde, Bauta, obs'ed on 18 Feb 1050-f/out 1115, Spanish, refs. 
to Tabacuba tobacco co., TCs, talks on the Semana de la Cultura; 25432. 

1639.4 kHz UNID Dutch, 17 Feb 2234-..., songs; 34332. (Gonçalves)

1655 kHz R. ...genet, HOL, 18 Feb 2150-2255, Dutch/English, music, asking 
for rec.rpts, gave phone nr.; 54433. (Gonçalves)

6210 kHz R.Border Hunter (HOL?), 19 Feb 1042-1150, English, music prgr 
Secret Sounds; 35433. (Gonçalves)

6240 kHz UNID British/Irish, 19 Feb 1125-1230, English, exclusively C&W 
music; 35332. (Gonçalves)

648 kHz GRTS, Bonto, noted on 18 Feb 2311-2321, traditional tunes & songs; 
32442, QRM de E+G. (Gonçalves)

7125 kHz R.Guinée, a.k.a. R.Conakry, Sonfoniya, obs'ed on 19 Feb 1220-1307, 
French, talks, news 1300; 24442, adj. QRM only. (Gonçalves)

3291.1 kHz GBC, Sparendaam, noted on 19 Feb 0930-f/out 1035, English, music, 
talks, during which the signal faded out completely; 25332.  Had been obs'ed 
on 17 Feb 2246-2256 when airing local & Caribb. rhythms; 43342, adj. uty. 
QRM. (Gonçalves)

3340 kHz LV de Misiones Internacional (t), Comayagüela, presumably noted on 
18 Feb 2351-..., talks in unidentified lang., by possibly Spanish; 25332. 

4925 kHz RRI, Jambi, noted on 18 Feb 2204-2218, Bahasa Indonesia, news, 
talks; 44332, splash de CHN 4920& QRM de B on 4924.9 (possibly R.Educ. 
Rural). (Gonçalves)

4785 kHz R.Mali, Kati, seems to be alive on 60 m after all, e.g. on 18 Feb 
2249-2258, Vernacular, trad. songs; 25332, so untypically weak signal, and 
this is qualifying just the carrier, for the audio was almost voiceless, so 
a completely useless b/cast; however, //5995 was at 54544 after adequate 
tuning to suppress the adj. DRM QRM. (Gonçalves)

7245 kHz R.Mauritanie, Nouakchott, obs'ed on 18 Feb 1246-1321, Vernacular, 
talks, Arabic for newscast at 1300; 44443, adjc. DRM QRM.   Also monitored 
on MW 783 kHz, 17 Feb 2228-243, arabic, trad. tunes; 54444, QRM de E. 

6185 kHz R.Educación, Cd. de Méjico, logged on 18 Feb 1055-f/out 1155, 
Spanish, LAm Indian music, classical music; 25432. (Gonçalves)

4895 kHz Mongoliin (as it, not Mongolian!) R., Murun, logged on 18 Feb 
2207-2219, Mongolian, talks (news?); 44332, vy. weak UNID underneath (B?); 
worse on // 4830 Altay. (Gonçalves)

13840 kHz R.NZi, Rangitaiki, monitored on 19 Feb 1221-1259*, English, mass, 
announcements; 34543, adj. uty. QRM & co-ch QRM de stn airing Brother Stair, 
but fair enough reception of NZ. (Gonçalves)

15720 kHz R.NZi, Rangitaiki, heard on 17 Feb 1925-1955, English, Pacific 
rpts in prgr Tagata o te Moana; 15422. (Gonçalves)

7255 kHz VoNigeria, Ikorodu, heard on 18 Feb 1251-1425, English, reports on 
Nigeria & Africa, news, etc.; 35444, but a dreadful, almost unreadable audio 
which turned better during announcements and reading of news bulletin. 

4746.8 kHz R.Huanta 2000, Huanta, heard on 18 Feb 2246-2256, 
Spanish/Quechua, advertisements, announcements, music, lively talks; 34342. 

11735 kHz R.Tanzania, Dole,Zanzibar, obs'ed on 18 Feb 1647-..., Swahili, 
pops; 55444. (Gonçalves)

1530 kHz Spain's Onda Cero Radio stn on this fq (possibly due to external 
mixing spur) obs'ed on 19 Feb 1536-..., some brief talks on carnaval, then 
f/ball; quicky checked against // 1485 kHz; 35443 via the 80 CeAfr Beverage, 
but drowned under PEF Funchal (MDR) if using the 300 m SAm Beverage for 
instance, and it was not noted as strong as this time.  (Gonçalves)

3185 kHz WWRB, Manchester TN, obs'ed again prior to fading out, on 19 Feb 
0932-f/out 1120, English, religious propaganda; 35332. (Gonçalves)


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